Primped is the most flexible tool on the market to help you start, grow, or run your freelance business. Whether freelancing is your full-time gig or side-hustle, Primped makes it simple for you to book and manage appointments.


Set your own hours.

Schedule your availability around your personal and existing work commitments.


Set your own prices.

Charge your own fair prices based on your unique experience, skillset and training.


Accept requests that work.

Accept appointment requests that work with your schedule, location and preferences.

On Primped, you call the shots. You remain completely freelance and in control of your business.


  1. Access to a large, vetted client base comprised of mainly professional women within the City of Toronto

  2. A complete suite of business management software available to you across scheduling, payment, accounting, etc.

  3. No subscription - we take only a small commission off of booked and completed jobs

  4. Access to a community of other pros plus exclusive offers and perks from our beauty partners


Melody Zheng - Profile Pic.jpg

Melody, HMUA

“Primped is a secure and convenient platform for beauty professionals to get connected to a vetted clientele base. It also takes the stress off of many important issues that freelancers often face, such as safety and organization.”

Morgan Davidson - Profile Pic.jpg

Morgan, MUA

Primped has been an excellent place for me to list myself as an artist. The team takes care of all logistics, meaning I can grow my client-base and reach people for mobile beauty services in an efficient, effective way. I highly recommend it for anyone providing mobile beauty services. 


Ready to join the freelance movement?

Listing your services on Primped is super quick and follows the steps below.


Complete our quick info form.
This form gives us an introduction to you and the services you offer as well as the info we need to get in touch with you.

It only takes a minute!


We’ll be in touch within 48 hours.
We will email you a link to an e-survey where we collect your pricing, availability, and other basic info.

The e-survey takes about 10 minutes and is designed to collect all your basic info up-front.


Complete your test appointment.
The email in step two will also include a link to schedule a test appointment. This appointment is super chill and with a member of Primped’s team.

You’ll do this test appointment for any major service buckets you wish to offer on Primped. It’ll be scheduled at a convenient place for you.