+ What services does Primped offer?

Primped offers manicures/pedicures, hair styling, make-up application and lash extensions. We bucket these services into Nails, Hair and Face on our booking pages. We may add more services as we grow.

+ How does booking work?

Via the Nails, Hair, and Face booking pages, you can browse beauty pros to book with. Each beauty pro has their own “Request to Book” button that can be clicked to access their availability. From here, you can request to book with that specific beauty pro by completing the online form. Please note that completing this form is a request only – it is not a confirmation of your appointment.

To give our beauty pros flexibility, they may accept or propose a new time for requested appointments. In the event that your requested beauty pro accepts your initial request, you will be immediately notified with a formal confirmation email. In the event that your requested beauty pro proposes a new time, Primped will communicate with you at the number we have on file to coordinate a potential new time. At the same time, we also aim to provide you with a back-up beauty pro in the event that we can’t coordinate a new time between you and your requested beauty pro.

Primped aims for a 2-3 hour timeframe from initial request to final confirmation.

+ How does payment work?

We collect your credit card details when you request to book with a specific beauty pro. We will not charge your card until 48 hours after a completed appointment at which point you will also be emailed a receipt. We do not require a deposit to be put down in advance of the appointment.

+ How can I cancel my appointment?

You can cancel your appointment via the confirmation email we send to you or by emailing info@primped.ca. Cancelling more than 4 hours in advance of your appointment will not result in any charges. Cancelling within 4 hours of your appointment will result in the full cost of the service being charged to your credit card. If there are any major changes to your appointment such a location of service, please contact info@primped immediately so we can let our beauty pro know.

+ What about tips?

We believe that tips should be offered as desired by clients. Our system does not accept tips, so we suggest having cash handy at the time of your appointment if you wish to give something extra to your beauty pro.

+ What kind of set-up do I need to provide for the service?

While there is no formal set-up required on your end, there are a few key things you can do to ensure that your in-home service runs smoothly.

First, you should make sure that you have a chair to sit in as well as a surface, such as a kitchen island or table, for your beauty pro to set her tools and materials on. If you are particular about your surfaces, we suggest covering them with a placemat, tablecloth, or even paper towel. There should be an electrical outlet in close proximity to this surface in the event that your beauty pro requires power.

Second, you should aim to provide good lighting for the service. Natural lighting is preferred, but a good lamp or ceiling lighting can also suffice.

+ How do I prepare myself for the service?

Naturally, your condo or home is not completely set up for a beauty appointment. With this in mind, there are a couple of appointment types for which you may need to prepare yourself in advance.

Blow-dry services: Given that your beauty pro has nowhere to lather and rinse, you are responsible for washing your hair in advance of any hair service that includes a blow-dry. Having slightly damp hair ready for your beauty pro is sufficient.

Make-up: You should aim to have a freshly washed face in advance of a make-up application.

Lash extensions: You must thoroughly remove any eye make-up in advance of receiving lash extensions.

Manicures/pedicures: Freshly washed hands/feet are suggested.

+ I've never received in-home service before. What should I expect?

We’ve eluded to most of these items already, but to recap…

The major thing to realize is that your home is not set-up for a beauty appointment. While this is really not a big deal, it does mean there is a bit of “making do” – using available surfaces and chairs, moving the odd lamp around, etc. Remember, your beauty pro knows what to look for and, since she’s already mobile, she’s used to servicing people in their home. It’s you who will have to adapt to these small changes, but we think the benefit of being able to sit back and relax in your favourite arm-chair while sipping on a glass of rose far outweighs having to slide a table over here-and-there!

In addition, our beauty pros aim to leave your house how they found it (spotless, of course!) and many of them bring their own cleaning tools or protective placemats. That being said, if you are someone who is very particular about your kitchen table or carpets, it is advised that you cover any surfaces you’d hate to see marked or spilt on. This is really just a precaution, as our beauty pros take great care during your service, but you’ll have a more relaxing experience and your beauty pro will be more at ease if you’re not worried about every move she makes!

Finally, don't forget to be comfortable! It's totally cool to hang in your pajamas, watch TV, chat on the phone, or hang with a friend while you receive your service. Don't worry about a little mess or untidiness in your condo - the point of in-home service is to make your life easier, not to create more work for you. Just relax and enjoy being primped!

+ I have allergies or sensititives, how do I handle these?

It is mandatory that all customers disclose all allergies, sensitivities, and other medical considerations to Primped. This information is collected along with every appointment request. If you are booking on behalf of a party or others, you are responsible for outlining issues on behalf of your group.

It is also best practice and your responsibility to let your professional know about any such issues at the beginning of an appointment. Our pros are trained to ask pertinent questions related to your health and these questions should be answered completely and honestly. All health related issues are kept strictly confidential.

+ I'm having an allergic or other reaction. What do I do?

Remove any and all suspected irritants and seek medical attention immediately.

+ Can I use my own tools or products?

Yes, however pros are not trained in nor are they used to your tools and/or products and asking them to deviate from their usual kit can affect the quality and outcome of your appointment. If you are asking for allergy or sensitivity related reasons, you must make this known to your pro. If you are asking out of preference, make sure your pro feels comfortable with the ask.

+ I need to file a complaint about an appointment. What's the procedure?

Issues happen sometimes despite everyone's effort to give you the best possible service. All complaints regarding the outcome of a service must be sent within 48 hours to info@primped.ca in order to be considered. Complaints surrounding how services look must be accompanied by a picture.

An exception to the above timeline surrounds durability of nail services and lash extensions. Pre-mature chipping must be reported to Primped within a week of service for gel and four days for regular polish. Pre-mature shedding of lash extensions must be reported within a week. Both must be accompanied by a picture.

+ My beauty pro was late for our appointment. What do I do?

Offering mobile services is complex - anyone whose driven and needed to park in the city can understand! Our pros aim to be on time or early but complications with weather, traffic, or parking do come up. Please allow a 20 minute grace period for your pro in consideration of these factors. For lateness outside of 20 minutes, you must submit a formal complaint to info@primped within 48 hours of the appointment.

+ What if I'm late for my appointment or I need to cancel?

Primped gives customers the same wiggle room it gives to pros. Pros will wait around 20 minutes for you before they need to move along to their next apppointment.

Cancellation outside of four hours will not result in a penalty for customers, though it's appreciated if you can make cancellations as soon as they become a reality for you.

Cancellations within four hours will result in the full price of the service being billed to you.

+ My beauty pro cancelled on me. What happens?

Cancellations outside of four hours are not compensated, though Primped will do it's best to find an alternate pro who offers the same services at around the same price point for you. For cancellations made within four hours, you can expect to be fully compensated for your missed service. Primped doesn't want to keep you waiting around, so cancellations within four hours will not result in a search for a back-up pro and you'll need to find alternate arrangements independently.

+ I have questions about Spray Tanning.

How far in advance should I book for an event?

We recommend one or two days before.

What are my colour options?

You can choose anything from a healthy glow to a deep tan. At your appointment, the solution will be further customized to a shade that work well with your natural skin colour.

How fast does it dry?

Deep Tan solution take 8hrs before rinsing and Healthy Glow solution takes 2-4hrs before rinsing. After this alloted time, you are free to shower but do not use any products (e.g. shampoo, soap, etc.).

When can I shower?

You can shower once the solution has partially processed (either 2 or 8 hrs after your session depending on your solution).

First Shower Instructions: Use water only. No products (soap, shampoo, etc.) or shaving. When wet, always pat dry and apply moisturizer. Your tan will look lighter after showering but it will continue to develop for next 24 hours. Also, the longer you wait to shower, the longer the tan will last.

What can I do to optimize my results and make my tan last longer?

  1. Pat dry when wet and moisturize tan daily.
  2. Use moisturizer and body wash that are paraben and sulfate free. These are best to help extend your tan and leave skin hydrated (e.g. Live Clean, The Honest Company, Aveeno Shear Hydrate).
  3. Avoid bar soaps, exfoilators, and products that are oil-based or contain harsh chemicals (acne creams, bug spray, etc.).
  4. Do not use shaving cream until tan is gone (shave with conditioner instead). Avoid excessive use of hot tubs, swimming pools or hot baths.

How long does it last? How can I make it last longer?

On average, 5–10 days. Factors such as skin type, activities and maintenance can cause your results to vary.

What should I wear during or after my service?

During your session, we recommend wearing older or dark colored bra and panties or nothing at all. After your session, it's best to wear loose-fitting dark cotton clothing.

When should I rebook my next appointment?

If you want to maintain your tan, book every 2-3 weeks.

Will I look orange?

No. We use only the highest quality solutions that are custom mixed to our clients skin tone for optimal results. All solutions are formulated with a skin firming blend that builds and restores the skin’s matrix.

Have more questions? Contact us at info@primped.ca.